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Ecommerce Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics SL

November 9, 2014 8:04 am Published by

Take advantage of the benefits of conducting business electronically with Microsoft Dynamics SL eCommerce Gateway – EDI Edition. This module works with the Order Management module in Microsoft Dynamics SL to help integrate and automate electronic business transactions with customers, vendors, and remote warehouses. Ecommerce Gateway – EDI Edition is available a la carte for both the Business Essentials and the Advanced Management editions of Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Compete better in today’s time-critical, planet-spanning marketplace with electronic data interchange (EDI), the globally accepted method for exchanging standard business documents. EDI is a fast and efficient alternative to traditional paper-based communications that uses industry-defined standards and public data communications networks.

Simplify your processes. Turn EDI orders into sales orders, then into invoices easily. Ecommerce Gateway – EDI Edition provides automatic, accurate, and seamless EDI processing. Save time receiving, entering, and error-checking orders. Transmit a paperless EDI invoice back to your customer’s computer, promptly and ready for payment. The time saved translates into faster fulfillment and shipping, which translates into increased customer satisfaction.

Ecommerce Gateway – EDI Edition automates business-to-business transactions. It is at work hours before your staff arrives, retrieving and verifying data and creating outbound EDI documents, all without manual intervention or data entry.

Ecommerce Gateway – EDI Edition includes EDI/EDGE from TIE Commerce, an easy-to-use product that provides scheduled dial-up, data communications, EDI compliance checking, and EDI data translation. You can also work with your choice of EDI translation software.

Ecommerce Gateway – EDI Edition is tightly integrated with the other modules in Microsoft Dynamics SL, such as Order Management, Inventory, and Purchasing. There are no additional software programs for staff to learn, or even new screens to work with.

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