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Getting Greater Control Over Your Organization With Dynamics SL

September 29, 2014 8:29 am Published by

Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers project-focused business management software for project-driven organizations, and amongst the many things it also delivers is greater control over your organization. What does greater control mean? It means getting clear visibility into how your organization is performing now, at this minute, and not just how it performed after the fact. It means knowing for a fact that your business management system is driving better and more efficient decision-making processes and enabling your people to be more proactive and productive.

Microsoft Dynamics SL gives you the confidence that the right people in your organization are making the right decisions at the right time. And it gives you the insight you need to monitor performance from every possible angle—from employee time and resources to inventory and shipping. You can increase financial transparency with integrated systems, shared data, and drill-down capabilities that give you audit trails and detailed visibility into your transactions.

When you improve decision-making processes, you speed response time. Define who on your team can make official business decisions on your behalf, and help them respond quickly and confidently using intuitive tools such as role-tailored menus, activity centers, workflows with built-in notifications and alerts, and automated approval routings.

Go beyond basic reporting with powerful self-service analysis and business intelligence tools. Give your staff the ability to spot opportunities and identify potential problems before they occur, and significantly reduce ad hoc requests to the IT department for reports and other information.

And with Microsoft Dynamics SL, your project management and accounting are tightly integrated. You can keep applicationd current and gain access to comprehensive project-based information with two-way data integration between Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Project Server.

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