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Inventory Management With Microsoft Dynamics SL

December 31, 2014 8:25 am Published by

Keep your customers happy by delivering what they want, when they want it, and maximize the return on your inventory investment. The Inventory module that comes with Microsoft Dynamics SL can help you manage every aspect of your inventory: outgoing orders, incoming stock, returns, back orders, surplus inventory, and dead stock.

The Inventory module is flexible and can be set up to meet the diverse daily needs of a wide variety of industries. Specify various general ledger accounts for posting, in detail or summary. Select whether to use multiple warehouses, negative quantities, and lot/serial numbers. You can also specify whether you want lot/serial numbers to be assigned as items are received or when used.

Multiple valuation methods are supported by Microsoft Dynamics SL, including LIFO, FIFO, average cost, specific identification, standard cost, and user-specified cost methods. You can also tailor the Inventory module to your requirements by defining default inventory account numbers, COGS, variances, sites, product classes, and more.

You can include up to 30 characters in your inventory IDs. Each item can be identified by class to help categorize items for pricing, promotional, or analytical purposes. Items can also be identified by type, such as finished good, raw material, and more.

You can instantly access inventory information. Quickly and easily find exactly what you are looking for using extensive inventory cross-reference features. Identify quantity on hand, quantity available, quantity on back order, costs, and list prices. You can also drill down to transaction source documentation for even more detail.

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