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The Microsoft Dynamics SL Connector for Microsoft Project

December 1, 2014 8:37 am Published by

Previously, we have written about the Microsoft Dynamics SL Connector for Microsoft Project Server, which adds functionality to Microsoft Project Server to reduce redundant data entry and for the synchronization of data for projects, accounting, budgeting, and net profit. As noted previously, creating budgets can normally be a lengthy and error-laden process, but here you can do it accurately with the click of a button. And after budgets are created, you can update them too, even at just a specific task level. Managers can look at detailed project and task net profit data as well.

During a project negotiation, there are normally terms around pricing, and thus there is a need to keep track of any specifics around project maximums. Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers that capability. The maximum amount to be spent on a project, portion of a project, or specific task can be set. To define a maximum amount per task, click the Add Line button in the Project Maintenance screen. Select a task and account category.

Another way that Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Project Server connect is through project web access. The Doc Share feature in Microsoft Dynamics SL enables users to create SharePoint sites for document sharing. Users can create a new SharePoint site, create a SharePoint document library, or connect to an existing site, like a project web access site. A project can be set up to send invoices and billing reports. To see what documents have been created for a site, click on the Doc Share link for the SharePoint site in the Project Maintenance screen.

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