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Using Project Maintenance in Web Apps for Microsoft Dynamics SL

February 20, 2015 8:55 am Published by

The future of access to Microsoft Dynamics SL is already here in the form of Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps. These apps give your staff browser-based access to view and enter data into Microsoft Dynamics SL through a tablet, smartphone, or desktop machine. Users can record time and travel expenses, approve expenses and invoices, adjust budgets, request items, and more, and they can do so anytime, anywhere. Today we’re going to look at how Project Maintenance works in Web Apps for Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Project Maintenance in Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps includes the following:

  • Billing Information Maintenance
  • Project Maximums Maintenance
  • Percent Complete and Revenue Recognition Setup
  • Address Maintenance
  • Contract Value and Revenue Information

Before using Project Maintenance in Microsoft Dynamics SL, your system must be set up for it, presumably by your system administrator. Access rights must be granted to users, and you can choose which web apps will be accessible to each user. Access rights must also be granted to the web services.

To open Project Maintenance, simply go to the Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps menu and select Project Maintenance from the list. Each field is described in the Help for Project Maintenance. You can expand a project by clicking the plus sign next to it, and you’ll see basic information such as the customer, project manager, start date, end date, and status. Click the Edit button to edit the project, and you’ll be able to change any of the basic information. The Project Data page opens up, with other pages accessible in a menu to the left. You can activate line item approval here, and you can make many more adjustments via the various other pages you can open concerning this project, such as the Account Data, Project Task, Project Maximums, and Project Addresses pages.

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