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Work Order module for Microsoft Dynamics SL

June 12, 2014 9:52 am Published by

The Work Order module for Microsoft Dynamics SL helps you to control costs and maximize profits by streamlining the planning and handling of your work orders. It enables easy tracking of product item costs and helps you to keep general ledger accounts and inventory quantities seamlessly integrated and in balance. The Work Order module is available a la carte for both the Business Essentials and the Advanced Management editions of Microsoft Dynamics SL.

The Work Order module is tightly integrated with the Inventory module. That makes it easy to view your on-hand and inventory levels on a specific date so that you can view the plans and actions that are responsible for those levels.

Maximize your profits. Get accurate, timely access to work-in-process while production is under way and take corrective action on a work order with impending cost overruns. Production cost information is tightly integrated with the General Ledger module in Microsoft Dynamics SL for accurate accounting.

Get clear visibility into your inventory. With a single click, you can access all plan and action details for work orders, including inventory position by site, cost layers, and transaction detail.

Collect production costs for all levels on a single work order to build each subassembly, and then roll up the costs to the next level. Where economies of scale dictate that a work order produces more than a parent assembly requires, the excess can be placed into stock, or on another work order.

Easily evaluate the costs and profitability of your work orders and projects with high-level profitability and variance-to-budget analysis. Drill down to account category, transaction detail, and originating data screens.

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