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Field Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP: Depot Management

August 25, 2014 8:54 am Published by

The Depot Management module is one of four field service management modules that come with the Extended Pack edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The Depot Management module enables you to track parts, labor, and expense details, create a parts usage report, and manage spare parts and truck-and-lot-tracked stock inventory.

You can use the Depot Management module to enter work orders and to schedule and track the activities within your internal repair facility, as well as to keep track of the usage of parts and labor in the repair process. With integration between the Depot Management module and the Returns Management module, your depot repair process can be automated by generating work orders directly from customer return documents. The Depot Management module will also post transactions to the general ledger for labor and parts during the repair process.

You can set up and customize Depot Management to fit the way you do business. When you set the module up, you can select options, set up and customize work order types, and specify whether default entries are displayed when you enter transactions. You can set up specific routes through the stations in your warehouse, optimizing the repair process to meet production demands. Setting up default and common entries and other information will speed up work order and transaction entry.

Use the Work Order Entry/Update window to enter detailed information relevant to the internal repair process. You can enter and save quotes (estimates) or open work orders, and you can also enter templates to speed up data entry. You can eliminate duplicate entry of similar documents by transferring one type of document to another, such as transferring an existing quote to an open work order.

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