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Payroll Direct Deposit Module for Microsoft Dynamics GP

October 1, 2014 9:18 am Published by

The Payroll Direct Deposit module, which comes with the Starter Pack edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP, enables you to add payroll funds to employees’ bank, savings and loan, or credit union accounts through an automated clearing house (ACH) file. You can set up multiple direct deposit accounts for each employee in Microsoft Dynamics GP, and you can:

  • Deposit a flat amount into one account for an employee, and deposit the rest into an additional account.
  • Deposit a percentage into one account and the rest into an additional account.
  • Deposit a flat amount into one account, another flat amount into a second account, and the rest into an additional account.

Setting up these options is easy to do. To deposit a flat amount into an employee account, and the rest into an additional account, on the Cards menu, point to Payroll and click Direct Deposit. In the Employee Direct Deposit Maintenance window, click the employee ID in the Employee ID field. Enter information in the Bank Number and Account Number columns, and specify whether the account is a checking or savings account. Enter the flat amount that you want to deposit in the Amount column, leaving the Pct column set at 0%, and click Add Account.

A new line is automatically created where you can enter information about an additional direct deposit. Enter the account information in that line, leave the Amount column set to $0.00, and enter 100% in the Pct column. Click Save, and you’re done.

To deposit a percentage into the first account rather than a flat amount, enter the percentage that you want to deposit there in the Pct column rather than entering a flat amount in the Amount column. You can split it up into three accounts by clicking Add Account again after you have added a second account.

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