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Make Reporting Easy with Crystal Reports & Microsoft Dynamics SL

August 20, 2013 9:55 am Published by

Microsoft Dynamics SL includes more than 900 standard reports, but if you want to customize them or write your own reports, you’ve also got Crystal Reports, the industry leading report writer that is included with Microsoft Dynamics SL System Manager. Crystal Reports gives both novice and experienced users powerful reporting and query capabilities, enabling them to modify any existing report or write an unlimited number of custom reports that best suit their needs.

You can create reports from existing or custom database tables, or modify standard reports. You can add or delete fields, add or refine data filtering and sorting, calculate totals and averages, combine multiple databases, and more.

You can increase the impact of your reports with a variety of fonts, graphics files, boxes, lines, and even embedded objects from other applications. Integrated graphing and customizable styles are also available. The Reports Expert Wizard helps even a novice find the right report style, so you can customize reports to look the way you want them to in mere minutes.

You can analyze data with unlimited sorting and multi-pass reporting—one pass to compute the total, and a second pass to compute a percentage of the total. Use sub-reports to view the same data in different ways. You can easily access any Microsoft SQL Server database, and you can integrate queries from multiple databases into a single report.

When you’ve created your reports, extensive web reporting capabilities enable you to share them with your customers, suppliers, and employees via the internet. You can also distribute reports via e-mail or your intranet, and you can export the report data into many popular file formats, including Excel, Word, CSV, and ASCII text.

Whatever your reporting needs, Crystal Reports in Microsoft Dynamics SL can get you there.

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