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Budgeting and Planning with Microsoft Dynamics SL

August 29, 2013 11:01 am Published by

Microsoft Dynamics SL makes it easy to take control of your organization’s future. Microsoft Forecaster, included with the Advanced Management Edition of Dynamics SL, is a fully integrated budgeting and planning application designed to help organizations create and execute accurate and realistic budgets. It is the fast and affordable way for midsize and larger businesses to reap the benefits of a dedicated budgeting and planning application.

Microsoft Forecaster is quickly and easily implemented, giving you immediate control of the entire budgeting and planning process. You can deploy budgeting and planning data throughout your organization with a simple, web-based interface that uses familiar and intuitive processes such as drag-and-drop and a spreadsheet format.

Powerful forecasting and budgeting tools enable you to build a precise budget, control expenses, and project sales. You can add more detailed budgeting data for specific personnel, using salary planning worksheets and flexible salary and bonus designations. Dynamic revenue forecasting enables you to make adjustments to account for budgetary and planning changes that are automatically reflected in revenue forecasting.

You can quickly take advantage of new opportunities with functionality that shows you precisely where your budget is and where it’s going to be. Use web-based tools to coordinate plans with your decision-makers, regardless of location. Coordinate your budget and planning processes with automated options such as reminder e-mails.

You can create accurate high-level plans by automatically spreading increases and decreases across each of your planning periods with data that is taken directly from Microsoft Dynamics SL General Ledger. Use flexible input screens to define up to 100 different periods from multiple budget versions and create calculated columns such as variances between plans.

Management consultant extraordinaire Peter Drucker once wrote that “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” Microsoft Forecaster for Microsoft Dynamics SL enables you to do both

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