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Migrating Data From FRx to Management Reporter In Microsoft Dynamics SL

June 27, 2016 12:03 pm Published by

Migrating Data From FRx to Management Reporter In Microsoft Dynamics SLMicrosoft’s Management Reporter, which integrates smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics SL, is an interactive reporting application that financial and business professionals can use to create, maintain, deploy, and view financial statements. It replaced predecessor Microsoft FRx, which ceased development in 2011. Most organizations have already upgraded from FRx to Management Reporter, but if you’re late to that game and ready to make the move to a better reporting tool, today we’re going to discuss migrating your data from FRx to Management Reporter.

Here is a checklist of tasks to prepare for the data migration:

  • Run data migration before creating new building blocks in Management Reporter
  • Reduce the quantity of data you need to migrate from FRx
  • Back up shared FRx Sysdata directory and remove any unused *.F32 files
  • Remove unused companies in FRx
  • Tie dimension-related items to a catalog
  • Remove spaces from the beginning of building block names
  • Change building block names to eliminate duplicates
  • Set all companies as default in FRx
  • Unassociated row formats should be associated with a catalog
  • Remove *.F32 files for spec sets not being migrated
  • Compact FRx System Database and Current Spec Set Database

There are limitations to migration. FRx security will not migrate, and neither will the following items related to report catalogs:

  • Report chains
  • Locked or password-protected catalogs
  • Web publishing settings
  • Page breaks between units
  • Allow column text overflow
  • Effective dates
  • Subtotal and filter account detail
  • Email options

The following items related to row formats will not migrate:

  • Account sets
  • Currency format codes
  • Row linking
  • XBRL link
  • Locked or password-protected rows

XBRL columns and locked or password-protected columns will also not migrate, and neither will the following items related to reporting trees:

  • Page breaks
  • Locked or password-protected trees
  • Email/security options

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