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Onboarding Made Easy With Microsoft Dynamics SL and SharePoint

June 15, 2015 8:39 am Published by

Onboarding Made Easy With Microsoft Dynamics SL and SharePointDavid Long recently wrote an article for that outlined how the difficult process of onboarding can be made much easier and much more effective through the use of Microsoft SharePoint in conjunction with a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics SL, the project-focused system for project-driven organizations. Long states that many organizations suffer from an ineffective onboarding process, but the solution is already at hand for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics SL users.

Depending on the organization, there can be hundreds of tasks involved with the onboarding process, and that is a big task-management challenge. SharePoint is the answer. A core feature of SharePoint is document management, which enables the processing of all the required documents for onboarding, as well as the delivery of orientation documents. Task management can be handled by SharePoint’s built-in task lists, which track the completion of outstanding items and provide a dashboard view of team performance.

A SharePoint workflow engine enables you to orchestrate the tasks with dependencies, reminders, and escalations. You can also use metadata to tag documents and list items to better view your data, and metadata can be used in conjunction with the workflow engine to automatically generate documents. And SharePoint’s functionality for electronic forms can provide an entry point for much of the data that is required from participants in the onboarding process, including new employees.

This is just one more example of what you can do with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics SL. For more detailed information on setting up a SharePoint site for your onboarding process, see the linked article, or talk to MIG & Co. about getting one set up for you.

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