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Quick Query Tool in Microsoft Dynamics SL

September 11, 2013 5:45 pm Published by

The Quick Query tool in Microsoft Dynamics SL enables even nontechnical users to easily and quickly find, review, and store ERP data. Dynamics SL comes with over 100 predefined views of financial data, organized by series/modules, such as orders, inventory, field service information, project details, and much more. Any SQL view can be tapped to fetch data in a Quick Query.

Click a view from the Quick Query list to open it as a data grid. You can filter the report by specifying a particular value for a particular column. You can use “Show results” to use multiple filters at the same time. And you can edit certain aspects of the view. Right-click on a column name to rename it. Similarly, you can right-click to hide or add fields to the report.

Your query can be exported to Excel for deeper analysis with the click of one button. Just click the “Grid to Excel” button, and you’ve got it in an Excel document right in front of you. The column headers and filters are already created for you in the Excel document.

Queries with column changes or filters can be saved. When saving a query, you can name it, and then you can choose to share it with another user, with a group, or with all users. Your customized query joins the Quick Query list.

The Quick Query tool also enables you to drill back to the original source data screens in Microsoft Dynamics SL. Click on a line item in a query, then click “Document Maintenance.” Here you can look at the source data, such as an original invoice and any other related documents.

Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Quick Query is the fast and easy way to get the financial data you want, on the fly, and as you want it displayed.

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