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The Quick Query Module For Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

May 17, 2016 12:19 pm Published by

The Quick Query Module For Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015The Quick Query module for Microsoft Dynamics SL enables users to quickly and easily mine the Microsoft Dynamics SL database, and to view, filter, and sort the mined data in a table format. You can also export the data into Microsoft Excel, and set it so that an Excel file is refreshable with current data.

To use Quick Query, just open the Quick Query module, then select the module you want to query. For example, you can select General Ledger > Accounts. In the Quick Query Viewer screen, you will see a list of accounts. You can move the columns wherever you want them by clicking and dragging them. To delete a column, right-click it and select Remove Column. To add or delete multiple columns at one time, right-click a column, select Choose Columns, and add any columns (by moving from the left pane to the right) or delete any columns (by moving from right to left) that you want. To rename a column, right-click it, select Rename Column, and type in the new name that you want.

You can sort the data by clicking on a column heading. For example, if you click on the Account Number column heading, the data will be sorted by account number, and if you click it again, it will be sorted by descending account number. If you click on the Account Description column heading, the data will be sorted into alphabetical order, and if you click it again, it will be sorted in reverse alphabetical order.

You can drill down into an item in the list by right-clicking it. For example, in a list of accounts, you can right-click an account and select Chart of Accounts Maintenance. You can also select to view notes and attachments for an account.

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