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Using the Accounts Payable Module For Microsoft Dynamics SL Part 8: Release AP Batches and Delete AP Detail

September 14, 2015 8:08 am Published by

In our Microsoft Dynamics SL blog entries over the last month, we’ve been focusing on the Accounts Payable (AP) module, covering the AP setup options that offer so much flexibility for your unique way of doing business, as well as going over each of the following:

  • Entering a payment with the Voucher and Adjustment Entry screen
  • Using the Payment Selection screen to select the payments to be made
  • Printing the checks
  • Correcting problems with checks that have been printed
  • Pre-payments
  • The Voucher Entry – Distributed Liability screen
  • Check reconciliation in Accounts Payable
  • The “Pay When Paid” feature
  • 1099 functionality

Today we’re going to look at the Release AP Batches and Delete AP Detail screens.

Releasing AP Batches and Deleting AP Details in Dynamics SL

The Release AP Batches screen, as the title indicates, enables you to release Accounts Payable batches. It may be one person’s role to enter AP batches, and another person’s role to approve and post them at a later date, and this is what the Release AP Batches screen is for. It can be opened at any time for batches to be reviewed and released.

The Delete AP Detail screen enables a user to select details for deletion that are past a certain date (the extent of this ability is controlled by you, delineated during setup). Deleting outdated information can speed up the system when running inquiries and reports, reduce posting errors from incorrect accounts, remove the outdated data from reports, and increase server performance.

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