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Using the Financial Tools in Microsoft Dynamics SL Part 3

March 28, 2015 12:53 pm Published by

In our last couple of entries, we have been discussing what it is like to use the financial tools in Microsoft Dynamics SL, focusing on how batches are posted to the General Ledger. Today let’s take a look at other aspects of posting batches, starting with how journal transactions are corrected in Microsoft Dynamics SL.

No one is perfect, and sometimes you might find that you have made an error in a batch that has already been posted. Maybe the debits and credits are correct, but the account or subaccount is incorrect, as an example. One option for correcting the problem is to reverse the batch, enabling you to correct and release it again. Another is to reverse it and create a new one.

Where you choose to reverse a batch, there is another option, to copy a batch. Perhaps this is a batch that you would like to make recurring, where it wasn’t before. Rather than input all the data, you can just copy it and edit it from there.

If you have unposted batches, you can view them in the Post Transactions screen. You can choose just to view those from a particular module, or those from a particular company. To post a batch that is listed here, just select it and click the Begin Processing button. Your account history will be updated.

Allocations are done in the Allocation Group Maintenance screen. You can define percentage allocations to different departments, locations, or whatever you need.

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