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Collaboration Capabilities of Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics SL

July 28, 2016 2:41 pm Published by

Collaboration Capabilities of Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics SLIn our last few Microsoft Dynamics SL blog entries, we’ve been discussing Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics SL. Management Reporter, which integrates smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics SL, is an interactive reporting application that financial and business professionals can use to create, maintain, deploy, and view financial statements. It moves beyond traditional reporting constraints to help you design a variety of reports efficiently. Communication is streamlined with the use of interactive notes and instant messaging.

Today we’re going to focus on the collaboration capabilities of Management Reporter, starting with the last item mentioned above, instant messaging. If you right-click on a line of a report, you can open up a chat window. The message will automatically include a link to the report and a link to the specific line of the report that you right-clicked, as well as the name of the report.

You can schedule reports to automatically generate on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. You can export reports to the read-only XPS format, which gives you better document security with digital signatures. You can also export reports to Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Reports can be published to Microsoft SharePoint or to a network location. You can specify output locations with the Output and Distribution tabs. To share reports, you can create emails that contain links to reports. And you can also view or share reports in a web browser. This is done with the Web Viewer, and it enables someone to view a report without an installation of the Management Reporter client. You must be assigned a user role in Management Reporter.

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