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The Quick Query Module For Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Part 4

May 27, 2016 9:45 am Published by

The Quick Query Module For Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Part 4The Quick Query module for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 enables users to quickly and easily mine the Microsoft Dynamics SL database, and to view, filter, and sort the mined data in a table format. You can also export the mined data into Microsoft Excel, and set it so that an Excel file is automatically refreshable with current data.

In our last few Microsoft Dynamics SL blog entries, we have been discussing some of the basics of how to use Quick Query, including the following:

  • Moving, deleting, and renaming columns
  • Changing the sort order
  • Drilling down to the source data
  • Filtering the data for a query
  • Copying and pasting data lines
  • Saving a Quick Query view
  • Copying a Quick Query view into an Excel file

Today we’ll continue going over how to use Quick Query for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015.

Once you’ve copied a Quick Query view into an Excel file, if you look at the Data tab, you will see that the file is not connected to the Microsoft Dynamics SL database. This file is the data as frozen at the time you copied it into the file. But you can also create an Excel file from a Quick Query view that does interact with the Microsoft Dynamics SL database. Using the same button you use for copying data, you can choose “Query Table” rather than “Copy To Table.”

If you do this, then under the Data tab, if you click Connections, you will see that this file is connected to the Microsoft Dynamics SL database. Also, when you click “Query Table,” you can choose to show all rows and columns, or you can choose to show only the rows and columns of your filtered Quick Query view. To make the data in this file refreshable, click Connections on the Data tab, click the Properties button, and then select the appropriate checkbox for refreshing the data whenever the file is opened. The data will then refresh whenever you open the file, even if Microsoft Dynamics SL is not open when you open the Excel file.

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