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Looking Ahead to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

October 22, 2015 4:52 am Published by

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 beta release is coming soon, and Microsoft general manager Bill Patterson talked about what the future holds for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in his keynote address at the CRMUG Summit 2015 in Reno.

New mobile apps will be coming to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 as a preview. This will be a series of mobile interfaces that focus on reducing data entry and minimizing the number of operations when using a mobile device. So a process that required five pieces of data and four other operations on a device might now require just 3 touches. The interfaces will be streamlined and enable users to move through them more smoothly.

As an example, a new app will enable a user to much more easily update an appointment after a meeting. In standard Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this process requires updates to multiple forms, but the new “After Meeting” app will make the process much faster and easier. There are just a few fields to fill in by moving through the streamlined two step app.

Patterson also talked about Microsoft looking to develop better predictive analysis and “machine learning” for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, for uses such as recommending knowledge articles or advising sales reps. Microsoft is also still focused on customer service. Patterson said, “Customer service is one of the most profound areas of innovation that we have in this release.” There will be new ways to drive customer engagement and to service customers with a more tailored experience.

Mobile capabilities will be enhanced with offline support, task-based interfaces, new mobile marketing functionality, and better controls for business users. And Microsoft is looking to integrate social data and metrics into relevant business processes, so for example, a lead record might share feedback that can be analyzed and offered to sales teams for planning purposes.

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