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Microsoft Social Listening for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

June 10, 2014 3:54 pm Published by

The Spring wave of updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are now globally available: 54 markets, 42 languages. Organizations are already benefitting from the new features, which are rather significant. Bob Stutz, corporate vice president, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, says, “We focused our development efforts on understanding what our customers need to deliver amazing customer experiences. We redesigned our user interface, implemented a six-month release cycle, made three acquisitions, and built many new features—all culminating in the wave of releases we are bringing to market today.”

One key new feature we’ll be looking at today is Microsoft Social Listening, a powerful new analytics service that enables organizations to monitor social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. With Microsoft Social Listening, sales, marketing, and service professionals can tap into social conversations on the web to get real-time feedback on their brand, products, competitors, campaigns, and issues that might become relevant to the business.

Take Sealord for instance. Sealord is a global sustainable fishing enterprise that uses Microsoft Social Listening to better understand its stakeholders, from their thoughts on key industry and sustainability issues to the global network of organizations and individuals influencing opinions on these matters. When the topic of shark-finning sparked social media outrage, Sealord was able to notice and take the opportunity to make its stance known right away. The result was global acknowledgement of Sealord that could be easily measured and understood with Microsoft Social Listening.

Alison Sykora, public affairs and communications manager at Sealord, says, “Without Microsoft Social Listening, we would not have had the opportunity to hear what was top-of-mind for our stakeholders and the community we serve, and ensure that Sealord’s work to be sustainable in these area’s was understood.”

The information you want is captured in easy to read charts. Social Listening can track information in 19 languages across Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and videos. Social Listening analyzes key words and phrases to determine whether social posts are positive, negative, or neutral, then delivers public sentiment information to you. You can use this information to seize an opportunity or to proactively change the social conversation in your favor. Like Sealord did.

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