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More New Features Coming in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

March 28, 2015 1:05 pm Published by

In our last entry, we discussed some of the new features that will be delivered in the Spring 2015 release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which were unveiled at Convergence earlier this month. Let’s take a look at more of the new features that are on the way.

Microsoft has been working hard on enhancing and even transforming mobility. They want to deliver a seamless user experience across mobile devices, including tablets and phones, in what they call a “configure once, deploy everywhere” model. Mobile users interact with the same sales processes across all mobile devices. For the Spring release, Microsoft will be adding a mobile SDK, so you can easily extend and create your own mobile apps.

Microsoft will also be delivering Power BI connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for out of the box integration. Sales, service, and marketing professionals can analyze data with interactive dashboards and reports in Power BI, enabling faster insights and decision-making for sales professionals.

The Spring 2015 release will also see the beginning of Parature’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for knowledge management. Customer service agents will have Parature’s knowledge management capabilities integrated into their daily service interactions out of the box.

Microsoft has also announced the acquisition of IP from Fusion Software, which is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and adds “voice of the customer” capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These new rule-based, multi-channel enterprise feedback management capabilities enable CRM users to include customer feedback into service, sales, and marketing engagements. This includes customer satisfaction surveys embedded into service interactions, lead and opportunity qualification for sales, and focus group and product/offer feedback for marketing.

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