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New Customer Feedback Management Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

April 23, 2015 8:47 am Published by

In our last entry we discussed an announcement Microsoft made at Convergence last month that a Parature integration will be arriving with the Spring release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But that wasn’t the only news Microsoft shared at Convergence. Another announcement Microsoft dropped at Convergence was that they have acquired Mojo Surveys, an enterprise feedback management tool, from Fusion Software.

Fusion Software is a 15 year old UK-based company that specializes in products and services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Their feedback management tool is rule-based and multi-channel, and it enables organizations to include “voice of the customer” feedback into service, sales, and marketing engagements, including:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys embedded into service interactions such as support calls.
  • Lead and opportunity qualification for sales.
  • Focus group and product/offer feedback for marketing.

Simon Neve, Director of Fusion Software, says that the solution “will enable Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers to gather actionable feedback in a timely manner. Actions created from feedback are directed to the appropriate person in the organization to drive business change and improve the customer experience throughout the entire customer journey.”

Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, says, “Voice of the customer feedback is critical in delivering truly amazing customer experiences. We’re excited with the addition of enterprise feedback management capabilities to our customer engagement solutions so that companies can incorporate feedback to deliver engagement that is personalized, proactive, and predictive to their end customers.”

Fusion Software will continue to support current existing Mojos Surveys customers.

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