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Pre-defined Sales Processes Come to Microsoft Dynamics 2012

January 25, 2013 12:01 pm Published by

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always bundled in some templates and other workflows. For the update to Dynamics CRM 2012, there are powerful pre-defined workflows for sales processes. Specifically, the Dynamics team has included three workflows for lead, opportunity, and sales management.

Of course, you will still be able to customize these built-in workflows, but what you’re given is fairly comprehensive. They’ve worked out multi-stage business process for key sales functions. You can think of stages as a series of steps you have to go through to reach a successful business outcome.

For example, in a sales opportunity process, there are four stages a lead must pass through before it becomes a valid prospect: qualify, develop, propose and then close.

If their pre-defined lead-qualification process is not appropriate for your situation, you’re free to remove stages, define new stages, or customize the steps in existing stages, along with controlling the fields updated in the relevant records.

To help you customize the sales stages or any other pre-defined customer relationship management processes, Dynamics now includes a Process Control Customization Tool. You use this new tool instead of the existing workflow designer for tweaking these pre-defined processes.

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