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Why You Need Marketing Automation

April 9, 2013 11:15 am Published by

Let’s start with what exactly marketing automation is. It is a tool that allows you to effectively develop and analyze marketing campaigns and organize customer data. Marketing Automation software will allow you to keep track of your campaigns as well as any e-mail/ phone/ in-person interactions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help ensure that no prospect or lead will be forgotten. All your opportunities can be seen in one view, along with the account manager and channel in which they found your organization. By not only keeping track of prospects, but the channels that enabled them to find you, and see which channels are generating demand.

Your salespeople will also be able to keep track of their notes. This means no more sticky notes left on desktops or details lost in your sales person’s memory. Make sure you are up to date on a big lead’s details. Know what they are looking for and what could be holding them back from purchasing.

Dynamics CRM has a section for all your departments from Marketing to Support. The heads of each department can then get a high-level analysis of Marketing Campaigns, Sales, Support, and Customer service. Know at all times how many leads are being turned into customers.

Workflows can be implemented to qualify a prospect based on the interactions they have had with your sales people. This will automate the work done by your Sales and Marketing people allowing them to increase their productivity in other areas.

So what are you waiting for? Come see why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is such a great tool for your business.

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