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CRM Is Not Just For Large-Scale Businesses

April 25, 2014 4:17 pm Published by

Most of what you read about customer relationship management (CRM) software focuses on what it can do for large-scale businesses, but small businesses have as much to gain from a CRM solution as large businesses do. Really, any business that has customers at all could use a CRM solution. Recently, Business News Daily published an excellent interview with Microsoft Dynamics CRM lead Connor Marsden that focused on what CRM can do for small businesses.

Marsden asserts that as a company grows, it becomes more important to “understand who the target customers are, what they need, and how to win their business,” and that’s where a CRM solution comes in handy. It gives small businesses one central place to store information and build a complete view of customers and their needs. “This will, in turn, lead to meaningful interactions with customers the business is targeting, create customer loyalty, and increase sales.”

Connor Marsden on the benefits of CRM for small businesses: “CRM technology creates the opportunity for salespeople to connect, personalize, and turn leads into sales. With all the customer and pipeline information in one place, CRM technology enables sales staff to work together across teams and geographies, with up-to-date insights. Many CRM technologies also provide a social aspect, allowing teams to gather social data for lead generation and relationship management.”

Marsden also pointed out that a CRM solution improves customer service, as staff can access information about a customer such as past interactions, leading to more personalized customer care. And a CRM solution can automate and simplify the processes related to marketing campaigns.

For more detail on what CRM can do for a small business, see the linked interview, and for more detail on what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for your small business, talk to MIG & Co.

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