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Expanding the Management Part of CRM Software

May 5, 2014 11:57 am Published by

In a recent article at, U.S. lead for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connor Marsden talked about CRM (customer relationship management) software as a business planning tool. A CRM solution is used to manage customer relationships, as the name suggests, giving organizations insights into customer buying preferences and aiding case management for existing customers. But as Connor Marsden asserts, today’s CRM can do so much more: “It can become the core technology for business planning of all types.”

Marsden points out that CRM can:

  • Configure sales processes to reap improved outcomes.
  • Coordinate marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Forecast future demand, enabling maximized resource management and helping plan for the overall growth of the organization.

According to Marsden, an organization benefits when every department has access to customer details, and can provide the level of service demanded by today’s customers. And a fully integrated CRM solution enables companies to “break down information silos between departments and develop comprehensive solutions for customers. In short, there is a saying that ‘everyone is a salesperson’ and with today’s modern CRM systems, everyone can also work in support.”

A CRM solution can become the core technology for business planning of all types, and it just starts with the areas of sales, service, and marketing. With sales forecasting information and current marketing efforts shared across an organization, it is easier to plan the resources and skill sets that will be needed to meet future demand. You can source and lock in needed raw materials at better prices. Marsden says that “previously disparate groups in the organization can collaborate on business planning in a way that helps ensure they are efficiently pursuing complementary objectives.”

For more detail, and a specific example of how Black & Veatch is using CRM to transform its business planning capabilities, see the linked article. For more detail on how CRM can transform your business planning capabilities, talk with MIG & Co.

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