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HHS Turns to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Patient Care Management

January 29, 2015 9:56 am Published by

Several times last year we wrote about state health and human services (HHS) organizations increasingly turning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM to better serve their communities, including the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe, and the Mississippi Department of Health. Well, the trend continues and expands worldwide, as health care provider Queensland Health in Australia has recently turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for patient care management.

Australia’s Queensland Health was looking for a way to efficiently provide free hearing screening to all infants born in Queensland and to track children with hearing difficulties throughout childhood. They needed a system that could collect and centralize all hearing screening data from newborns, eliminate record duplication, identify and quarantine possible data errors, provide analytical capabilities, and automatically direct children needing treatment to the appropriate medical resource and track their progress. Their answer was a highly-tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that they called XRM, the X meaning that the solution was designed to manage relationships with anyone, not just “customers.”

The new solution has been a massive success. Gavin Bott, Queensland Health Senior Project Officer, says, “We are seeing things that we could never have seen before, and we’re looking at quality in an entirely new way, because there simply was no possibility of knowing the things we know now.” Staff can better review patent timelines, such as time from birth to referral to appointment, and can set up dashboards alerting them to whenever someone slips outside of benchmarks.

Bott says, “The system facilitates institutional knowledge across the organization: the full record of audit where every action is recorded allows us to understand not only what’s been done, but very often you can see why things have been done. You can almost trace a train of thought when somebody has made an error by looking through audit actions and time stamps.”

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