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More New Features Delivered in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

January 21, 2015 7:15 am Published by

For a while now, we’ve been going over the many new features found in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Today we’ll wrap up the last of those enhancements.

Rollup fields are used to capture key business metrics at a record level from related entities with One-to-Many (1:N) relationships. Rollup fields also provide the ability to aggregate over hierarchies for more complex scenarios. You can define the entity rollup fields as decimal or whole numbers, currency, and date/time. For example, users may want to know:

  • How many open opportunities they are working on.
  • A total revenue for the open opportunities related to an account.
  • A total number of high priority active cases related to an account.

The aggregates are rolled up from the child records to the parent record. A maximum of 100 rollup fields can be defined within an organization, and each entity can have no more than 10 rollup fields. The rollup fields are calculated by asynchronous system jobs. The Calculate Rollups Fields job is a recurring job that runs according to the recurrence pattern. The Mass Calculate Rollup Fields job runs once, when a rollup field is added or updated. Because the rollup fields are solution components, they can be easily transported between organizations and distributed in solutions.

Also new is field level security that restricts viewing or editing access to custom fields and now other fields. For example, you can set the account number field so that it can be viewed by members of the sales team, but not changed.

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