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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook Part 2

August 27, 2015 3:22 am Published by

We’ve previously introduced the basics of CRM for Outlook, a free add-in that enables you to take advantage of what you already know about Outlook to make it easier to learn and work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We talked about tracking Microsoft Dynamics CRM activities in CRM for Outlook, and now we’ll look at what happens next.

After you track an email message in CRM for Outlook, you can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM features from the CRM for Outlook ribbon. For example, if you receive an email from a potential sales lead, you can convert the email message directly into a CRM lead record. You can also convert email messages into opportunities or cases. In addition, you can insert a Microsoft Dynamics CRM email template or a Knowledge Base article into your email message, or even attach a sales brochure or other sales literature stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

You can even use CRM for Outlook when you’re unplugged. You can look up your Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts, review and add new activities, run reports, and more without connecting to the internet. CRM for Outlook stores the changes you make while you’re offline and automatically synchronizes them with Microsoft Dynamics CRM when you go back online.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with security settings that control your access to certain features, data, or even fields on screens, depending on your role. If you can’t see or access a feature, or if some data is marked “read only,” check with the person who manages your system, as you may need to get additional security permissions.

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