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Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Outlook

August 5, 2015 8:04 am Published by

Like most people, you probably already use Microsoft Outlook as your communications, scheduling, and contact management solution. Well, Microsoft Outlook offers a free add-in, CRM for Outlook, that enables you to take advantage of what you already know about Outlook to make it easier to learn and work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

About the Dynamics CRM for Outlook Add-in

The add-in alters the Outlook interface by adding a CRM section to the Home tab for email, appointments, contacts, and tasks. It also adds a new CRM tab to the ribbon. On the left side of the screen, below your email inbox, you’ll find a new navigation panel with the name of your organization and folders you can use to find your way around CRM for Outlook. These additions enable you to access all the core Microsoft Dynamics CRM features directly from Outlook.

If you already use Outlook for email, appointments, and tasks, you’ll feel right at home with CRM for Outlook. In fact, you’ll already know how to accomplish many tasks, such as sorting, categorizing, and flagging your data, using the same tools you would use in Outlook.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, activities such as sending email, creating appointments, and creating tasks often revolve around a sales or service process. In CRM for Outlook, you create these types of activities the same way you always do in Outlook, but to record the activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you track them. To do so, all you do is click the Track button on the ribbon.

Use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tracking pane at the bottom of a tracked record to see that the record is tracked, and to easily access related records.

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