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Pocketstop’s Broadcast API Extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM

August 29, 2014 9:18 am Published by

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a big package of customer relationship management tools, and more are on the way all the time with biannual releases of new and improved features, but its functionality can be extended even more by independent software vendor (ISV) solutions that have been developed for use with it. One example is Pocketstop’s Broadcast API (application programming interface), which enables you to integrate the latest notification technology into new or existing applications your team is using. Pocketstop recently announced that it will be integrating Broadcast API and other digital marketing capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Pocketstop is a Dallas-based digital communications company that develops solutions for text message marketing, digital asset management, notifications, and loyalty, rewards, and offers. Their clients include Frito Lay, 7-Eleven, Alon, and Auntie Anne’s. They are a Microsoft partner that recently achieved a Microsoft Silver Application Development Competency.

Broadcast API adds multi-channel notification broadcasting services to almost any existing application on an HTTP-supported platform. Add voice, text, and email messages, social media posts, and desktop and browser notifications. Create groups to assist in segmenting messages, and easily add or remove customers from existing groups. Create and edit messages to send at a later time, and simultaneously broadcast a single message to multiple groups. Specify how customers or employees will receive notifications.

Pocketstop CEO Daniel Wagstaff says, “We choose to align our offerings with Microsoft Dynamics products because they help us deliver solutions that are familiar to users, improve performance, and bring additional reliability and trustworthiness to our platforms, which not only increases the satisfaction of our own customers, but also gives us an edge in this competitive digital communications market.”

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