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TinderBox Sales Automation Solution Extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM

August 8, 2014 11:28 am Published by

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a big package of customer relationship management tools, and more are on the way all the time with biannual releases of new and improved features, but its functionality can be extended even more by independent software vendor (ISV) solutions that have been developed for use with it. One example is TinderBox, which recently announced a new integration of its web-based sales automation solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

TinderBox automates the creation of proposals, presentations, and contracts, shaving minutes off of your processes, and those minutes accumulate into mountains of time. You can generate trackable, data-driven documents that provide insights from prospect engagement, and you can close faster with electronic signatures. Access your documents anytime, from anywhere. Gain visibility and insight into your deals by moving your sales process online. Keep your deals moving by tracking how sales documents are viewed and shared.

TinderBox’s web-based software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to give you a seamless and efficient sales process. Users can access content anytime, from anywhere, but you also have complete control of access to content and documents, from who has access to what they have access to. Users can also collaborate with colleagues and customers.

TinderBox CEO Dustin Sapp says, “Our integration provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM users with new capabilities, a unique interface, and flexibility that’s never been experienced in this ecosystem. Our goal is to make the lives of sales teams easier—with these features, salespeople can concentrate on customers instead of paperwork, and managers gain more visibility than ever before.”

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